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can i build a loft conversion with a balcony

Can I Build a Loft Conversion With a Balcony?

Loft conversions remain a popular way to add valuable living space to your property without the hassle and expense of moving. But what if you could take it a step further and create a private outdoor haven in your new loft space?    If you’ve ever wondered “Can I have a balcony on my loft...
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can my neighbour stop my loft conversion

Can My Neighbour Stop My Loft Conversion?

Loft conversions are an exciting way to expand the living space in your home, without having to move house. When planning this type of renovation, one common concern for homeowners is the impact their project will have on neighbouring properties. This leads to the question ‘Can my neighbour stop my loft conversion?’ The short answer...
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is it illegal to convert a loft without building regulations

Is It Illegal to Convert a Loft Without Building Regulations?

Embarking on the exciting journey of converting your loft into a functional and stylish living space comes with numerous considerations, and understanding the role of building regulations is paramount. In this guide, we’ll explore the question: Is it illegal to convert a loft without building regulations? Let’s delve into the importance of compliance and the...
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guide to loft conversions

The Ultimate Loft Conversion Guide

Loft conversions have become a popular and ingenious solution for homeowners who want to maximise the space within their existing properties. As urban living spaces become increasingly compact and the need for additional room grows, transforming an often-overlooked attic space into a functional and stylish living area has become a game-changer in the world of...
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loft conversion company

Tips for Choosing the Right Loft Conversion Company

Planning a loft conversion is an exciting project that can transform your home, adding valuable space and increasing property value. However, this type of renovation requires careful planning and the right team of builders to ensure a successful outcome. One of the most important decisions you’ll make is choosing the right loft conversion company for...
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bathroom loft conversion

Everything You Need to Know About Ensuite Loft Conversions

For many homeowners, loft conversions remain one of the most popular ways to maximise living spaces and add value to their properties. Among the various loft conversion options available, ensuite loft conversions stand out as a luxurious and functional choice. If you’re planning on creating a loft conversion with ensuite, here are a few factors...
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Alvaston at Grand Designs Live 2023

Meet the Alvaston Team at Grand Designs Live 2023

Have you been considering renovating your home but need some inspiration to get started? Then come and visit us at the NEC in Birmingham at Grand Designs Live 2023 from the 4th to the 8th of October. You’ll find us in the Grand Build at stand B104 where you can come over and speak to...
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Everything You Need to Know About L-Shaped Loft Conversions

Everything You Need to Know About L-Shaped Loft Conversions

Whether you have a growing family and need more rooms or you want to increase your home’s potential to future buyers, an L-shaped loft conversion could be the solution for you. But what is an L-shaped loft conversion and what type of property is it suitable for?   What is an L-Shaped Loft Conversion? An...
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do you need a party wall agreement for a loft conversion

Do You Need A Party Wall Agreement For A Loft Conversion?

If you’re planning a loft conversion that will affect the adjoining property (or properties), a party wall agreement will be an essential part of your loft conversion plans. But what is a party wall agreement and why would you need one for a loft conversion? To make things clearer for you, we’ll explain everything you...
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How Mansard Loft Conversions Add Value to Your Home.

Maximising Space: How Mansard Loft Conversions Add Value to Your Home.

When it comes to expanding your living space and adding value to your home, a mansard loft conversion can be a game-changer. Thanks to the practical advantages of its unique design, a mansard conversion provides maximum space while enhancing the overall value of your property. Mansard loft conversions are the best option if you want...
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a guide to rooflight loft conversions

Does Size Matter? A Guide To Rooflight Loft Conversions

When it comes to increasing the space in your home, a loft conversion is the most popular solution, but what if you only have a small loft space and a small budget? Can you have a loft conversion with a small loft? The short answer is yes! There is a misconception that loft conversions are...
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3 Reasons to Consider a Victorian Terrace Loft Conversion

3 Reasons to Consider a Victorian Terrace Loft Conversion

Victorian terrace houses are a common feature on many British streets and chances are if you live in one, you may find that the traditional layout doesn’t always suit modern lifestyles. Growing families and homeowners looking for additional space will be pleased to know that Victorian terraces make ideal candidates for loft conversions, so moving...
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can a bungalow have a loft conversion

Can a Bungalow Have a Loft Conversion?

Gone are the days when bungalows were associated with mature homeowners and downsizing. Nowadays, many people including young families are interested in buying bungalows for their renovation potential. Depending on the type of single-storey home, bungalow loft conversions are an ideal way to increase the living space and value of your home and add a...
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everything you need to know about hip to gable loft conversions

Everything You Need to Know About Hip-to-Gable Loft Conversions.

There are a variety of loft conversions to choose from when it comes to renovating your home. The type of loft conversion you choose will depend upon the style of your house and specifically the style of your roof. Roofs with sloping sides, also called hipped roofs, need hip-to-gable loft conversions to transform the loft...
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5 simple loft conversion ideas

5 Simple Loft Conversion Ideas

We previously shared a post detailing 5 inspiring Small Loft Conversions Ideas that are handy if you are short on loft space. In this blog post, we have compiled another list of 5 simple loft conversion ideas that are ideal if you’re planning a basic loft conversion with minimal disruption to your home. Here are...
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5 ways to convert a loft on a budget

5 Ways To Covert A Loft On A Budget

These days, when it comes to loft conversions or home improvements in general, many of us are seeking the most cost-efficient methods of achieving the best results. When it comes to maximising the space in your home, we’ve established that it can be cheaper to have a loft conversion instead of a home extension. But...
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energy efficient loft conversions

Energy Efficient Loft Conversions

More than ever, people are turning to ways to make their homes more energy-efficient. A loft conversion is a genius way to reduce energy bills while adding space and value to your home. Saving money on heating the home is a big priority for most. So when planning a loft conversion there are a few...
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