Andres & Melanie del Cisne

We’d like to express our gratitude to Jim and Jamie and their whole team for the exceptional quality of all their workmanship, and for their all-round highly professional service in completing our loft and garage conversion. In an industry in which there are far too many poor practitioners, the ethos that Jim and Jamie have obviously worked very hard to create for their company is clear for anyone to see. They truly understand just how vital reputation is to a really successful company of this sort; and from that, the genuine pride they take in maintaining the highest possible standards could be seen by us throughout our relations with them. This ethos is also clear to see in the other tradespeople Alvaston choose as sub-contractors, such as their plumbers and electricians: which is to say, Jim and Jamie obviously look very carefully at precisely whom they choose to bring under the company name, so as to keep their excellent reputation secure.

Any large conversion project is inevitably going to involve considerable disruption to day-to-day domestic life, but they really did do everything to minimize this every single day during the work. Not only were they always tremendously courteous and respectful of our home, but they always spent the last hour of every working day cleaning up and tidying away. In fact, quite often we were astounded at just how neat and tidy everything had been left! Furthermore, throughout the project they were always punctual and reliable, accessible and amenable to queries, requests and suggestions.

And the final result?
We’d say it’s turned out to be roughly TWICE as impressive as we had originally envisaged!!!

We undoubtedly made the right choice when we chose Alvaston. We sincerely wish Jamie and Jim and the team every success for the future – they truly deserve it.

Melanie & Andres del Cisne.


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