Luke Atterburyq

We’ve just had our loft conversion finished. After a kitchen extension that went badly a few years ago we wanted quite a big company for our loft so we weren’t reliant on subcontractors and the builders’ cashflow. Had a few quotes but liked Jamie’s enthusiasm and vision so we went with Alvaston. Maybe could have got it cheaper from a small outfit but we wanted someone that does this day in day out.

There was a bit of a waiting list which is a good sign, but we had contact throughout when we needed it. We built our loft during the depths of winter so I was worried about water damage, but despite a couple of gnarly storms we had absolutely no issues at all.

All the crews were professional and seemed really good at what they do. You can tell they take pride in their work and were happy to offer suggestions/tweaks based on their experience which we were largely happy to take. They were working from 8 o clock every day they were on site.

We had a bit of a pause mid way through our build due to Covid and Christmas, but it was left in a wind/watertight state and being on the floor above it didn’t get in our way at all.

It’s a big project so there was mess and noise as you’d expect, but they always did their best to clean up at the end of each day which was appreciate. A messy week or two while getting the stairs in and knocking through, but you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs as they say.

Jamie the owner was always responsive if I had any questions or concerns, and would always get back to me the same day if I left him a message which was very reassuring.

Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company. Just make sure you get a lot of teabags in on the days when there are a couple of crews working. We had nine people on site at one point which was interesting, but it meant the work got done quickly!

Just sent my final payment across. Thanks again to Jamie and all the lads.


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