Sajid Mahmood

I feel like I’ve just woken up after having a really pleasant dream.

Jamie from Alvaston came round to our house a few months ago and initially gave us a quote for our loft conversion. He promised me that the complete process start to finish would be no longer than 4 weeks. You know when you get that feeling about something being too good to be true, that’s exactly how we felt. However there was something about Jamie that made us feel like he meant what he said. Not only that, we had numerous companies give us quotes, but we just did not feel comfortable with what they were telling us.

Alvaston (Jamie) had the plans drawn up pretty quick. The Architect really knew his job and paid attention to every nook and cranny.

Jamie provisionally booked me in for the first week of March. I was worried that the work would not be completed within four weeks as we needed to leave the country at the start of April. However against all the odds Alvaston have completed the work yesterday, within the promised timeframe and most importantly to an absolutley supercalafragalisticexpielladicious standard.

Paul and his team worked tirelessly to for the first three weeks to get everything up and in place. They arrived at 7.30am on the dot and on leaving the house in the afternoon left everything spotless. The whole build was superbly organised and not once was anything allowed to go wrong. At the beginning of the forth week Alvaston had anything up to 10 guys working on the project each day. Bob and boys did a fantastic job on the roof while Rocky and co worked inside to complete all the capentry. Simultaneously Electricians and plumbers were completing the finishing touches alongside the bathroom tiling etc.

Jamie was aware about our deadline to go on holiday and so was everyone that was working on the project. The entire project was completed 2 days short of the four weeks. I have never seen anything like this before, I am totally gobsmacked. The neighbours have all commented on the suberb finish and high quality work. I have told Jamie that anybody who wishes to view the complete project is most welcome and I am personally willing to guarantee the quality of their work and their upmost professionalism. Words cannot express how grateful we are for the service that they have provided.


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