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When designing and undertaking major home renovation projects such as a loft conversion or an extension, the help, skills and knowledge of a professional team is priceless.

Here at Alvaston Loft Conversions, we specialise in the obvious – loft conversions! With back-to-back projects under our belts every single year, our system is efficient, precise and always successful with a smile on our client’s face upon completion. Unless you have the niche expertise to complete a loft conversion from start-to-finish, you should reel in the professionals to create a functional plan and execute the construction work to detailed precision.

However, before you call up the loft conversions companies in your local area, there are a few steps you can take to firstly, see if your home is suitable for a loft extension or conversion, and secondly, to kick-start the planning process before you have even obtained any quotes!

Below is Alvaston Loft Conversion’s 10-Step Guide to Planning Your Loft Conversion, covering space assessment, aesthetic elements, loft conversion planning permission and beyond:


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