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With the cost of moving home on a steady incline, increasing numbers of people are looking for the best ways to utilise the space they already own. Loft conversions and loft extensions are a great starting point to expand your living space and also increase the value of your property – sometimes by up to as much as 20%.

Unlike house extensions, conservatories and out-buildings, most loft conversions don’t necessitate planning permission for the work to begin, making it an easy starting point for creating additional space in your home.

When homeowners take the plunge, clear out their dusty, forgotten belongings and commence the conversion, the most popular use of the space is as an extra bedroom and for some people this is what they need. However, with a bit of smart planning and creative designing, your newly habitable loft can become your dream getaway when you use the space wisely and get inventive with your loft conversion ideas.


It has long been the dream of girls, women and even men around the world to one day own their own walk-in wardrobe, dedicated dressing room or even a walk-in trainer wardrobe. Why not make this dream a reality in your new loft conversion or loft extension.

A dressing room is the perfect solution when debating loft conversion design ideas, firstly because a walk-in wardrobe or dressing room really allows you to utilise every nook and cranny. You can get creative when planning your use of space and you can utilise even the most awkward spaces under your low, slanted ceilings. There are also many carpenters and manufacturers out there who can make loft conversion wardrobes custom-fit to spaces you wouldn’t believe.

Also, as using your loft space to store all of your clothes, shoes and accessories will frees up a lot of space in many other rooms in your home, thus making your remaining rooms seem so much bigger!


Are you trying to think of unique and fun small loft conversion ideas; how about a games room!? Bring out your inner child with an at-home games room, fully-equipped with pool tables, pin ball machines, pac-man and all the arcade games your hearts desires, you can really think outside of the box with this one.

Also, a games room doesn’t have to be huge, which is why it makes the ideal occupying space for those small loft conversions! You can make the space cosy, include a small sofa, a mini fridge and a juke box and you can stay entertained in your home games room for hours!


Another unconventional loft conversion idea for small lofts is a home cinema. The only loft conversion feature that you really need to get your home cinema up and running is a large, flat, white wall space if you are want to project your movies or TV shows directly onto the wall. Or, a wall with ample space to hold a pull-down projector screen or the television size of your choice. Most likely, you will have a large breast in your loft which can be utilised to its full advantage in a home cinema.

If a luxury loft conversion has long been your ideal, you can fit out your home cinema with leather recliner armchairs, plush sofas or chesterfields. If you prefer a more homely and chilled vibe, a personal favourite is to fill out your home cinema with floor cushions, bean bags, fluffy blankets and some fairly lights for good measure.


I’m sure many parents will be in agreement when we say you all need a quiet-haven. Somewhere you can go to unwind, chill in a peaceful zone, relax in a room that hasn’t been overran with children’s toys and maybe somewhere for a Saturday night get together.

If so, an amazing loft extension idea that you might want to consider is an adult hang-out zone, or an adult sanctuary, however you want to think of it. Your new room can be a space away from all the madness, when your children are in bed, or you have friends over you know you have a room to retire to that is exactly to your specifications.

You can decorate the room with sofas, lounges, bookcases with your favourite reads, televisions or if you would much prefer, you can make the most of the child-free zone with a small bar area, include a pool table; whatever you wish. This doesn’t have to be a large loft extension either, rendering it perfect for small loft conversions once again.


Although a bathroom is a conventional room in any household, especially compared to the likes of a games room and home cinema, they are often overlooked for use in a loft conversion. However, we can confirm that they look outstanding!

A bathroom in a loft space really is an interesting aesthetic; the shape of a loft space and the natural features really compliment a bathroom suite and the use of ceiling lights are a fantastic way to achieve a bright and airy bathroom that is often not attainable within a standard room in a home and

If an extra bedroom in your home is what you desperately need, rather than instantly siding with any loft conversion bedroom ideas, why don’t you think about a bathroom loft conversion and using your pre-existing bathroom space as a new bedroom?

If you are looking for ways to fill a much larger loft space, dormer loft conversion ideas for example, you could combine the two essential rooms to create a luxury bedroom loft conversion with en-suite.

The ideas above are just a small reflection of what a creative and unusual space your loft conversion can be and that you should really let your imagination run wild.

Whether you choose a bedroom, art studio, play room or home office to occupy your new loft conversion, the one thing you should make sure is to utilise your space well, but also make the most of the wonderful space you have.

Incorporate original features, such as brick walls and wooden ceiling beams, bring the outside in through ceiling lights or even create a loft conversion with a balcony or bi-folding doors, but mostly, take full advantage of the floods of natural light you will have, this isn’t a feature within every standard room in any home.

To get the ball rolling on your new luxury loft conversion, contact our family-led team today on 01922 663077 and we can start making your loft conversion and loft extension dreams a reality.


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