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In our last blog post ‘Why convert your loft?’, we gave you eight great reasons to opt for a loft conversion to add extra living space to your home. Now that you’re considering converting your attic space, let’s talk about what kind of room you’d like to transform it into! When we move into a house, many of the rooms already have predetermined purposes, whereas a roof space conversion acts as a kind of ‘blank canvas’.This is one of the fun things about creating a loft room or ‘attic extension’ – you get to decide what it should be designed for. Looking at loft conversion inspiration is the best way to decide exactly how you’d like to redesign your new attic room, so we’ve gathered eight great attic and loft remodeling ideas just for you…

Upgrade your storage options with a walk-in wardrobe loft conversion

Think you haven’t got space for a walk-in wardrobe? Think again! A walk-in closet no longer has to be reserved for those living luxury lifestyles, so long as you have a loft to convert, you can create one of your own! Even in narrow or  little loft conversions, walk in wardrobes are great storage solutions and much sleeker than just shoving suitcases full of clothes into an old conventional attic. By opting for an attic conversion designed with storage in mind, you can make the most of the entire space. Walk-in wardrobes and cupboards are easily tucked away into the eaves of a roof space, completely transforming an otherwise redundant area into a perfect storage solution.

Create the perfect workspace at home: convert your loft into an office!

Creating a personalised workspace at home has many benefits, including feeling happier and more productive in your working environment. A loft room is perhaps one of the best rooms in the house to choose for your new home-office, and this is for a handful of reasons. First and foremost, an attic room is a great place to find natural light, something that is so important for any workspace or home studio! Working under skylights will instantly lift your mood when compared to sitting at a dull desk cubicle. Secondly, working in a converted loft space gives a sense of escape from the rest of the house. By escaping from the distractions in all the other rooms, working in your converted attic will mean your home-working days are truly as productive as you’d like them to be. And of course, this sense of separation from the rest of your home means you can enjoy a great work-life balance by easily being able to mentally ‘clock out’ of work when you leave your converted loft office.


Live in luxury by transforming your attic conversion into a bathroom…

Converting a loft space into a bathroom is quickly becoming a popular choice for many households. The great thing about loft bathroom conversions is that they can be adapted to work in any kind of space. A large loft can be transformed into a luxurious wet-room with a walk-in shower, making a big beautiful bathroom space that can be used by all the family. A small loft conversion is also a great place to add a bathroom – try a free-standing bathtub underneath a low ceiling with skylight window to make the most of a difficult space! It’s easy to create a cosy, ‘secret getaway’ feeling in any kind of attic bathroom, no matter what size or shape.

Workout from home: convert your loft into a gym!

Like to keep fit, but don’t like going to the gym? Why not make one of your own? A personal gym at home means you can workout whenever you want, on your terms, and with no one else getting in the way! For many of us, a home gym sounds like a dream, but we simply don’t have the space. If you happen to have a medium to large attic though, an attic conversion could be key to giving you the space you need. Just make sure to plan ahead well by letting your loft conversion company know that you plan to turn the space into a gym – most gym equipment is heavy so they’ll want to make sure that the loft floor is well-reinforced.


Indulge in your craft with a hobby room loft conversion

Imagine having a creative space in your home dedicated to spending time on your passion or hobby, whatever that may be. It often seems like the kind of luxury only someone with many spare rooms could indulge in, but your unused loft is a spare room of its own!. Whether you dream of a craft room & art studio, or an attic den to play poker in, so long as you install versatile storage options, your hobby loft could be perfect for almost any kind of pastime. Like watching films? Why not create your own loft conversion home cinema!?


Escape to your very own attic library or reading room…

One hobby that can be enjoyed particularly well from within an attic extension is of course, reading. Simply by adding plenty of bookshelves, benches, and comfy cushions to your loft conversion, you’ll have effortlessly created a wonderful loft library/ attic reading room. Sitting back and letting yourself get lost in a good book is already relaxing enough, but doing it from the comfort of your cosy loft room adds that extra element of adventure…

Make the most of a small loft conversion: create a play den for the kids!

Your kids are likely to have the most excited reaction to the potential loft conversion, so why not dedicate it to them? We all dreamt of having an amazing den when we were younger, so make their dreams come true! An attic den or loft playroom filled with bean bags, toys, and games is such an exciting treat for a child and their friends. You can even add extra excitement by incorporating some kind of ‘secret feature’. Try installing a secret bookcase door that reveals a hidden room, you’ll have them believing in magic!


Why put a label on it?

Though these are all inspirational ideas for your loft extension, it’s also important to remember that your converted space doesn’t necessarily have to fit into a certain category. With all of the available natural light and good views, we wouldn’t blame you if you just used your loft conversion as a nameless breathing space – a place to escape! However you transform your attic room, remember it is your personal space to do with as you please, so do whatever makes you happy!



If you’re looking for a loft conversion company in Walsall or the West Midlands that can advise you on some of these decisions, as well as providing great hassle-free loft conversion services (including a free quotation and design service), contact Alvaston Loft Conversion today. Our friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable team can’t wait to hear from you!



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