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When it comes to extending your home, one thing is worth considering. Do you want to extend to the side of your home or above your home? With pros and cons for both, its loft conversion vs extension. But which one is the best option for you, a conversion or an extension? We’ll take you through both to help you decide which is the best option for your home and some things you should consider along the way.

Why Are You Looking to Extend Your Home?

When deciding between a loft conversion and a home extension, you will need to consider why you wanted the extension in the first place. Are you looking to add another bedroom to your home? Do you want an extra bathroom? Do you need an extra living space or are you simply looking for a spare room that is easily accessible for storage? These are all things that will influence your decision between a loft conversion or extension.

For example, if you are simply looking for an extra living room or larger kitchen, a home extension may be the way forward. If you are looking for a study or a spare bedroom however, a loft extension at the top of your home is the perfect place to get some peace and quiet from the rest of the house without the mess and disorganisation of having a home extension.


Loft Conversion Costs vs Home Extension Costs

One of the most important things you will be looking at when thinking about extending your home is cost. You will need to consider what exactly you are hoping to get from your extension or conversion and what you will be willing to pay for it. On the whole, loft conversions work out to be a lot cheaper than house extensions as there is usually a lot less structural work needed as well as the far lower amount of materials needed for a loft conversion vs extension materials.

It is worth bearing in mind when calculating the cost of a loft conversion or extension that adding the extra room to your home can actually add value to your property meaning that if you do decide to sell your home later on down the line, then you may be able to fetch a higher price for it.


How Quickly do You Want Your Extension?

If you are looking for an instant fix to your home, unfortunately, neither a loft conversion or extension is for you. However, if you are willing to wait a short amount of time, there are plenty of options out there for you. Loft extensions can be done on average in as little as three to four weeks meaning you can be enjoying your new bedroom or other loft conversion idea in almost no time at all. Home extensions, however, particularly multi-storey extensions can take a lot more time and potentially leave you with a lot of mess to work around whilst it is being done. Meaning that, on average, a loft extension can be a much quicker addition to your home.


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