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If you are looking for a way to increase the floor space in your bungalow, a bungalow loft conversion could be just the solution. Many people look at bungalow extensions as the only option to add extra bedrooms or living space to their homes without considering the amount of space available above their heads. Not only could a bungalow loft conversion cost less than a side extension, but it can also avoid using up valuable garden space.

Bungalow Loft Conversions – Are They a Good Idea?

When it comes to bungalow conversions, there are endless possibilities depending on things such as budget, time scale and personal preference. Bungalow attic conversions can be an ideal way to add an extra bedroom to your bungalow through a small loft conversion, they can also be a great way to create a home office away from the rest of the house in currently unused space. Many people see lofts as simply storage space but with the help of a bungalow loft conversion, your loft space could be transformed into something much more.


Do I need Planning Permission for a Bungalow Loft Conversion?

The good news is that in most cases bungalow loft conversions do not need planning permission to take place. This is because they are classed as ‘permitted developments’ and so do not require any additional permissions. Of course, some bungalows in protected areas or buildings of a particular age may be subject to additional measures so it is worth checking this before embarking upon your bungalow attic conversion journey.


How Much Does a Bungalow Loft Conversion Cost?

When it comes to working out the costs of a bungalow loft conversion, the type of bungalow you are extending and the type of bungalow attic extension you choose will both affect the costs of converting your bungalow.  When comparing the costs of a bungalow loft extension to a side bungalow extension, for example, the costs can be considerably lower meaning it is a brilliant cost-effective option for those wanting to create extra space in their bungalow for guests or other uses. 


Popular Uses for Bungalow Loft Conversions

When deciding whether to get a bungalow loft conversion, one of the most exciting decisions you will need to make is what you would like to use your new loft conversion for. Bungalow roof extensions are popularly used for creating extra usable spaces with extra head and floor space. In the world of the post-pandemic work-from-home life, many people are looking into ways to create a dedicated home office space to use for work and study without interruptions. Having a bungalow loft extension can create the ideal space for this with usable storage for work supplies and a purpose-built space ready for you to bring your home office dreams to life. 

Another extremely popular use for bungalow loft conversions is to create an extra bedroom in the home. Adding an extra floor to your bungalow can create a spacious, private room without having to divide up bedrooms on the ground floor. Depending on your bungalow type and the amount of space available, you may be able to create a full bedroom with ensuite for a touch of added luxury in your home ideal for use as a master bedroom, guest suite or to create privacy for older teens who want their own space. When it comes to uses for your bungalow loft conversion however, there are a world of possibilities to choose from and the world really is your oyster.


Ready to Start your Bungalow Loft Conversion?

If you are ready to get started on your bungalow loft conversion, get in touch with our team at Alvaston Loft Conversions online or by calling 01922 402720 now to find out how we can help bring your bungalow conversion ideas to life.

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