10 Benefits of Building a Loft Conversion

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If you are planning on extending your home upwards with a loft conversion, there are a wealth of benefits. Loft benefits could not only extend your living space drastically, they could even end up adding value to your home. Take a look at our top 10 benefits of building a loft conversion on your home.

1. Extra Space

It goes without saying that adding a loft conversion to your home will increase your living space dramatically. When converting your loft into an additional room you are in effect adding an additional floor to your home. If you are looking for more space to enjoy as a family or just more space for you, a loft conversion is the perfect solution.


2. Save Your Garden Space With a Loft Conversion

Many people who are looking to add extra space to their home often concentrate on expanding sideways. However, this can often end up cutting up your garden space and limiting what space you have to enjoy outside. By building upwards you are simply working with the space you already have whilst enjoying the benefits of additional usable space in your home. For those who love their garden and are reluctant to give up their outdoor relaxing space, a loft extension is ideal.


3. Treat Yourself to a Luxurious Suite

One of the most common reasons for people wanting a loft extension is to create the bedroom of their dreams. Creating an extra bedroom with ensuite in a loft extension allows you to create your perfect bedroom space in a perfectly relaxing part of the house that is just for you.


4. Add Value to Your Home

Whilst the space benefits are obvious, another benefit of building a loft extension in your home is that it can actually add value to your home. Of course, price ceilings exist depending on the area in which you live but in general, a well-done loft extension could boost the value of your house if you ever decide to move home in the future.


5. Save the Time and Cost of Moving Home

If you are looking for a home with extra space but like your area, a loft extension can be the perfect solution. Loft extensions can add extra bedrooms and living spaces to your home and can be the perfect alternative to the time, effort and money involved in moving home. You’ll get the home of your dreams whilst still being able to remain settled in the area that you love.


6. Create Your Own Home Office

Whether you are looking for a private place to work from home or a homework den for the kids, a loft conversion can create the perfect space in your home. Your loft conversion can be shut off from the rest of your house with a door making it a great quiet spot to create your very own home office, complete with everything you need to be creative and productive.


7. Take Advantage of a View

If your home is lucky enough to have a good view that your top floor windows can’t currently take advantage of, a loft conversion room could be a great way to gain access to those views. Dormer windows can frame views whilst the higher level of a converted loft can bypass lower level distractions and disruptions to the view.


8. You May Not Need Planning Permission

In contrast to many ground floor extensions, loft conversions often benefit from not needing planning permission in order to build. Local rules such as living in a protected area may apply but in many cases planning permission is not required to build your loft extension making it a much simpler process than many other home extension options.


9. Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

One of the more unexpected benefits of building a loft extension on your home is that it can actually improve your home’s energy efficiency. This is because it is building into the roof of your home and reinforcing the insulation and protection that roof offers the rest of your home. In order to be suitable as a usable extra room in your house, certain building regulations need to be followed and these new additions mean that your whole house could benefit from the additional insulation and energy efficiency that your new loft conversion offers.


10. Unleash your Creative Side

Undoubtedly, one of the most fun benefits of creating a loft conversion in your home is the ability to really go wild when it comes to ideas for your new space. There are no limits to the customisable options available when it comes to loft conversions so you can choose each element to suit your personal tastes and the purpose of your new room. Customise windows, walls and flooring as well as our decor and staircase options in your new space and let your creative side go wild.


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