Everything You Need to Know About Dormer Loft Conversions

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Creating a loft conversion in your home is a fantastic way to extend the amount of usable space in your house. Dormer loft conversions are a great way to extend the head and floor space of your loft conversion in order to make a more usable space in your home.

What Is a Dormer Loft Conversion?

A dormer loft conversion is a type of loft conversion extension in which the dormer window projects out from the existing roof in order to make a box-like shape. Unlike some other types of loft conversions, a loft dormer doesn’t make any substantial alterations to your roof structure whilst still allowing for conventional window types to be added to your loft roof making it an extremely popular loft conversion option for a range of budgets.

There are two main types of dormer loft conversions, flat roof dormers and pitched roof dormers. Flat roof dormer conversions are probably the most popular as they give the maximum amount of new floor space in your new loft through building the loft extension as a protrusion straight from the roof. Pitched roof dormer conversions are less common, however they can look very attractive from the outside so are a good choice for front-facing extensions where outward appearances are important.

Dormer loft conversions typically take around four to six week for the structure to be created and another two to four weeks for the finishing and decor on your new dormer loft conversion.


Why Should I Have a Dormer Loft Conversion in My Home?

When it comes to adding extra space in your home, a loft conversion is ideal. Building upwards allows you to create more floor space and additional rooms in your home without extending into valuable garden space. If headspace is an issue in your loft, installing a dormer loft conversion in your home could help provide extra space as well as providing additional lighting into your loft space.

If you are looking for a way to extend your living space without building to the side of your property, one of the good things about dormer loft conversions is that they often do not need any special planning permission as they often fall within permitted development depending on where on your home you are making the extension. There are exceptions for this, for example, dormer loft conversions built at the front of a property or within a conservation area will likely need planning permission.

When it comes to creating a dormer loft conversion, one of the biggest benefits is extra space, but there is also a creative element, there are so many different types of loft conversions available and each can be customised to fit your family’s exact needs and ideas. They are also relatively energy-efficient as many feature large windows, reducing the need for artificial lighting in your room and are newly insulated to reduce heating bills for your home.


How Much Does a Dormer Loft Conversion Cost?

The costs of a dormer loft conversion can vary depending on the size of your loft and any additional factors that are personal to your home. As specialists in dormer loft conversions, our team at Alvaston loft conversions are perfectly placed to produce a dormer loft conversion quote that is bespoke to you and will be able to advise on how to create your dream dormer loft conversion to fit your budget.

Because a dormer loft conversion is the addition of a box-like structure to your roof, in effect changing the shape and size of your roof, the size of the structure and the type of building you will be fitting it to will both affect the cost of your dormer loft conversion. Our volume calculator can help you work out the size of the project you are looking to undertake. One thing that is worth bearing in mind when looking at the price of a loft conversion is that in most cases it should add value to your home as it will be adding an additional habitable space.


Adding a Dormer Loft Conversion to Your Home

When creating your dormer loft conversion, our specialist team will ensure high quality at every stage of the process. We’ll take care of loft conversion plans and design drawings, the build and even difficulties such as building regulations and planning permissions as part of our professional dormer loft conversion service. We’ll also ensure a bespoke staircase is included in your dormer conversion costs, built by one of our craftsmen in our own workshop.

Contact our team now to find out more about how we can create your dream dormer loft conversion and allow our expert loft conversion team to answer any questions you may have. 

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