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When converting a loft space, one thing that is often overlooked is the loft conversion lighting. When creating a room out of your loft space, lighting can be key to creating a more open or smaller-seeming space. We’ve pulled together some of our top loft conversion lighting ideas and tips to help you make the most of your converted attic space.

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Why Consider Loft Conversion Lighting as Part of the Planning Process?

When planning your new loft conversion, it is important you consider every element of your new converted loft space to make sure everything is put into place by the time you get to use your new room. Considering the best lighting for your loft conversion before work starts means that you can better plan where your lighting will be positioned and plan for any electrical work to take place before your loft conversion is in situ.


What is the Best Loft Conversion Lighting?

The best lighting for your loft conversion all depends on the size, scale and use of your new loft conversion. In most cases, natural lighting is the best possible lighting for a loft space as it will open up your new loft conversion, making it seem larger. However, there are a number of loft conversion lighting ideas using artificial light sources that can modernise any loft space.


Natural Loft Conversion Lighting Solutions

If you are considering attic conversion lighting in the initial planning stages, considering installing a rooflight in your loft conversion could help open up your new space by flooding it with natural light that enters easily from above. Alternative natural lighting could involve adding a dormer to your loft conversion if you have space. Adding windows to your loft space not only adds ventilation and natural light but can also create a feature in your new loft space.


Artificial Loft Conversion Lighting Solutions

There are plenty of options for installing lighting in your new room, as there would be with any new room in your home. One of the most common types is ceiling lights for loft conversions. These work fantastically to light up your new loft space without taking up precious space on walls or floors. If you have low ceilings in your new loft room, flush spotlights can be a great way to light your room from above without bringing down the height of the ceiling any more.

Alternatively, if you are looking for more ambient lighting in your loft conversion to create a cosy feeling, warm-coloured wall sconces and lamps can help create a cosy effect in your loft space. 


Layered Loft Lighting

When lighting a loft conversion, one successful technique is to layer your lighting, this effectively means to create a few different methods of lighting. For example, pairing ceiling lights in a loft conversion such as spotlights that provide a smooth ceiling appearance with a decorative floor lamp or bedside table lamps if used as a bedroom can help create a more homely space in your new loft conversion. Doing this gives you multiple light sources to fit any purpose whilst banishing dark corners and making your space more welcoming. 


Decorating to Make Your Loft Conversion Lighter

When decorating a loft space, many people often assume that all-white everything is the only way to make a loft space lighter. However, this isn’t always the case. Having purely white decor in your loft space can often make your loft conversion feel sterile and colder rather than the warm, inviting space you want it to feel. 

Natural colour schemes help to open up your loft space with creams and off-whites being popular wall colours whilst pops of colour such as colourful soft furnishings or statement walls can help bring your new loft conversion to life. One or two statement pieces of furniture can help wow in your new loft space and prevent it from looking dreary.


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