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When planning your loft conversion, one thing can influence almost every other aspect, the loft size. Your loft conversion size could dictate whether you need planning permission, what type of loft conversion you will have and what you can use your new loft conversion for. Here’s how to work out the loft conversion volume and why it is important.

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Why is the Volume of a Loft Conversion Important?

When it comes to planning your loft conversion, planning permission can be one of the biggest obstacles. In some cases, local planning permission rules can dictate what the maximum volume for your new loft conversion can be without having to apply for additional planning permission. This is often around 40 cubic metres of additional roof space for terraced houses or around 50 cubic metres for semi-detached and detached houses. By calculating the size of your prospective loft conversion according to the size of your house and the type of loft conversion you would be having in advance, you’ll be able to better plan and budget in planning permission costs to your budget.

How Your Loft Conversion Volume Can Affect Your Loft Conversion Plans

Knowing what the size and volume of your new loft conversion will be before you start work and before your commit to the build is incredibly useful as it allows you to visualise the size of the room you will have to work with. You’ll be able to see if that type of loft conversion will fit your plans and what you might practically be able to fit within the room as well as the already-mentioned planning permission ramifications. 

Doing this at an early stage can also help to clarify some other important elements in your loft room build. As you will need to work out how tall your new room will be, you’ll be able to better visualise the space you will have to work with and decide on the type of loft conversion you would like. This can then help you decide on other elements such as fitted storage and more.

How to Calculate the Volume of Your Loft Conversion

If you are planning a loft conversion and want to estimate the volume of your attic conversion for planning permission reasons or to plan how you are going to use your new room, the good news is that Alvaston Loft Conversions have made this incredibly simple. Simply select your roof type and follow the guide in our loft conversion volume calculator to find out what the volume of your new loft conversion will be.

Simply select your roof type, using the images as a guide, enter your loft measurements such as height and depth and click calculate to find out the volume of your new loft conversion.

Looking for More Information on Loft Conversions?

Looking for a grand new design or a smaller loft conversion but not sure where to start? If you are looking for more information on converting your loft, contact Alvaston Loft Conversions now online or by calling 01922 402720 to see how we can bring your loft conversion ideas to life.

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