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Has the increased time spent in your home left you itching to convert your loft space into an extra room or study? We’ve brought hundreds of dreams to life creating everything from loft office conversions to adding extra bedrooms with en suites into converted loft spaces. Follow our top tips for converting your loft space to ensure your ideal loft conversion comes to life without a hiccup.

Top Tips for Planning your Loft Conversion

One of the best places to start when planning on converting your loft space is to take a look at what existing space there is and decide on how exactly you will want to use it. Whilst it is always useful to have an extra room to escape to, a clear goal of what you will want to use your loft conversion for will help you plan the conversion appropriately.


Plan your Loft Conversion Design Around the Type of Space you Want to Create

And budget accordingly. Depending on what you will want to use your loft conversion for once your loft conversion is finished, you may need to stick o some strict rules. For example, if you are hoping to convert your loft into an extra bedroom, specific rules will apply such as standing head room and fire safety rules for your loft conversion. If you are planning on building an ensuite in your attic space, talk to a loft conversion specialist about what this will entail and to see if it will be simple to extend your plumbing to supply your new loft conversion. The shape and style of your new loft conversion will depend on what you will want to use the room for whether that be its immediate use or future uses so one of our top loft conversion tips is to decide on this before deciding on the type of loft conversion and interior design ideas in your loft space.


Research Some Clever Space-Saving Ideas

When planning your loft conversion it can be tempting to get caught up in the process and forget about the usability of your new loft room. Take a look online on sites such as Pinterest or even just a Google search to take a look at the multitude of space-saving loft ideas other people have found and see if it would be possible to incorporate them into your own loft design. Areas such as alcoves and slanted roofs need not be a barrier to great design as there are plenty of ideas on ways to transform these spaces into workable areas and brilliant loft storage spaces.


Think About Where your Windows Will be Positioned

As with the type of loft conversion, another loft conversion tip is to map out the position and size of your windows to really make the most of your space. Will the room created by your loft conversion by long and narrow or short and deep? The size, shape and layout of your converted loft room will dictate which types of windows will make the most of your loft space and supply as much light as possible to the space.


Consider your Loft Conversion Exterior

Whilst a lot of the focus when converting your loft space can be on the inside, don’t forget to think about how the outside of your new loft extension will look. If you will be adapting the roof shape of your house to allow for more space perhaps, how will this look from the outside. Will you want your loft conversion to blend in with the rest of your home or stand out with modern design? How will the windows look from the outside of your home? These are all things to consider when converting your loft space during the planning stage.


Converted Loft Decor

When it comes to decorating your new loft conversion the world is your oyster. For loft conversion home offices think light and airy with plenty of opportunities for natural light to make its way through the space and plenty of smart storage ideas for office filing. If your loft conversion will be a new bedroom, make use of the loft’s cosy feel to create a sense of comfort in your new loft bedroom whilst en suites can benefit from space-saving wet rooms to allow for easier fitting in usual room shapes.


Get the Best Advice on Converting your Loft Space

Our team of expert loft conversion specialists have years of experience fitting loft conversions to the very highest of standards and have plenty of ideas to help you on your way to your dream loft conversion. Whatever your space and loft conversion room requirements we are here to help.

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