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We previously shared a post detailing 5 inspiring Small Loft Conversions Ideas that are handy if you are short on loft space. In this blog post, we have compiled another list of 5 simple loft conversion ideas that are ideal if you’re planning a basic loft conversion with minimal disruption to your home. Here are a few of our favourite simple loft conversion ideas.

5 simple loft conversion ideas


Create a Gaming Loft

For the serious gamer, converting a loft to a dedicated gaming room is a dream come true. A big screen TV and some creative lighting will give this loft space an authentic feel and its positioning within the home means lively gaming sessions won’t disturb the rest of the household. A simple roof light loft conversion is all you’ll need to create a functional gaming loft. When it comes to decor, a quality gaming chair and desk take up minimal space and bean bags and cushions are great for low ceilings.


Upgrade to a Walk-in Wardrobe Loft Conversion 

Add a touch of luxury with a walk-in wardrobe loft conversion. Converting your loft into a dressing room or large wardrobe space is perfect for small, narrow loft spaces. It makes a great addition to a loft bedroom since you’re able to maximise your storage space with a dedicated room for your clothes, leaving you free space in your bedroom. The eaves of your loft space are perfect for storing seasonal clothes and custom shelving can be added along with wardrobes for a complete clothes storage solution. Mirrors are not only a necessity in a dressing room but they also reflect light and add the illusion of space when placed on end walls.


Save Money With a Loft Conversion Gym

A basic home gym can save you lots of money on gym memberships. Converting a loft into a home gym requires minimal structural changes and a simple Velux loft conversion will help you to utilise your loft efficiently.  Make your loft conversion specialist aware during the planning stage that you want to use your loft as a home gym. This way your loft contractor can give you a calculation of the maximum permitted weight allowance for the floor (in case you chose to use weights in your home gym) and will install suitable flooring. Roof light windows provide well-needed ventilation and utilising storage under the eaves will give you maximum floor space. Mirrors, lighting, a great sound system and other interior decors will create the atmosphere of a private gym so you won’t want to renew your old gym membership again. 


Add a Loft Conversion With Ensuite

If you plan to create an additional bedroom, why not treat yourself to an ensuite bathroom? This type of loft conversion is made simple when the ensuite bathroom works with the existing plumbing and drainage. This will save money during construction as no extra pipes need installing and your loft expert can let you know if your ensuite bathroom will need a pump to boost the pressure. With a small loft space, installing a roof window creates height where there are low ceilings. Cleverly positioning the toilet under the roof windows will maximise headroom and add light and ventilation. You can save additional floor space by wall-mounting toilets, basins and cabinets. 


Make The Perfect Library Loft 

Why not create a home library loft as an ideal place to relax and read or utilise it as a homeschooling area? The process of converting a loft into a loft library is very similar to creating a loft office. The eaves can be converted into space-saving bookcases and custom-built shelving add a bespoke feel to the room. You’ll need adequate lighting and a Velux loft conversion can solve this if you are converting a small space. If you need to add more height, then a dormer loft conversion gives you head space and provides the perfect spot for a desk and chair at the window. Whichever type of loft conversion you choose, comfortable furniture and space for books will help to make the area complete. Additional lighting options and soft furnishings will make your library loft a welcomed retreat at the end of a busy day.


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