Do I Need a Door at the Top of My Stairs for a Loft Conversion?

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When planning your new loft conversion, one thing can affect most of your decisions. Loft conversion fire regulations. When thinking about where to place your doors to your new loft conversion, things can get confusing. You may be wondering, ‘Do I put the door at the top of the stairs for my loft conversion or does the door need to be at the bottom of the stairs? What are the rules?’. The experts here at Alvaston Loft Conversions are here to help with everything you need to know about adding doors to your loft conversion to meet fire safety regulations.

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Do I Need a Door on the Staircase for a Loft Conversion?

One of the ways loft conversion fire regulations make your new loft extension safe is by adding a fire door. Whilst this doesn’t sound very glamorous, fire doors can look just like normal doors to avoid taking away from the aesthetic you have planned for your new loft room. The team at Alvaston are well-versed in adapting loft designs to fit your home’s needs and your own design ideas whilst always making sure your new loft conversion is fire-safe from the stairs to the loft windows. Where your door is fitted will depend on a few things.

Loft Conversion Doors at the Top of Stairs

When planning your new loft conversion, fire safety regulations state that a safe route to your main exit must be created to fit loft extension fire regulations. If your new loft staircase sits directly above your existing staircase, a fire door will need to be added to the top of your new loft staircase. Fire doors are thicker than other types of doors and are created to withstand the heat of a fire and give you an extra 30 minutes to escape or be rescued from your loft room through the fire-safe windows.


Whilst you can have loft staircases fitted in other points of your home, having your new conversion staircase sit right above your existing staircase creates a more visually streamlined design in your home and can often be the most efficient solution to creating your loft conversion staircase.


Adding a Loft Conversion Door at the Bottom of Stairs

When adding stairs to your loft conversion, there can often be a number of problems with positioning, particularly if you are dealing with unusual roof slopes. Sometimes adding loft stairs in line with your existing stairs just isn’t possible and stairs need to be moved to a more central location under the roof’s highest point. In this case, your fire door must be positioned at the bottom of your new loft staircase in order to meet loft conversion planning regulations.


Call in the Experts for your Loft Conversion Stair Door Needs

At Alvaston Loft Conversions, we have been constructing loft conversions and everything that comes with them for a number of years and are made up of a team of specialists who know exactly how to work with your home and ideas whilst conforming to loft conversion fire safety regulations. Whether you are thinking of adding a loft conversion door at the top of your new stairs or adding a door to the bottom, our industry experts can help advise and keep you on the right track whilst providing a reliable and efficient loft conversion service.


Still have questions about whether to add a loft conversion door at the top of your stairs? Contact our team now online or by calling 01922 402720 to find out more about converting your loft.

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