Does Size Matter? A Guide To Rooflight Loft Conversions

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When it comes to increasing the space in your home, a loft conversion is the most popular solution, but what if you only have a small loft space and a small budget? Can you have a loft conversion with a small loft? The short answer is yes! There is a misconception that loft conversions are reserved for big attics with large footprints but this isn’t always true. If you’re interested in small loft conversions,  Rooflight loft conversions are the ideal solution for converting a loft that won’t break the bank.


What is a Rooflight Loft Conversion?

Sometimes referred to as Velux loft conversions (named after the popular brand of roof light windows often used in the construction), rooflight conversions are built within the existing roofline. This type of simple loft conversion doesn’t add height or width to your loft space but is a quick and simple way to add light and ventilation. Basic loft conversions are constructed by installing rooflights and reinforcing the roof to accommodate the additional weight by adding timber to the roof structure. 


What are the Benefits of a Rooflight Loft Conversion?

Often chosen for their simplicity, roof light loft conversions have a few advantages that increase their desirability. Some of these advantages include:

  • Great for adding natural light
  • They’re aesthetically pleasing since they don’t alter the look of the roof considerably
  • They provide easy ventilation 
  • In most cases, planning permission isn’t required
  • A small attic conversion causes minimal disturbance to your household since the roof doesn’t need to be replaced during construction


Is My Loft Too Small For A Conversion?

A rooflight loft conversion is perfect for transforming a small, unused attic space into a useable space. If you plan to use your loft space for more than storage, there are some things to consider before it can become a habitable room. 


  • Is there enough head height? This will be a major deciding factor in your loft conversion plans. When measuring from the top of the ceiling height, down to the bottom of the timber ridge, there should be at least 2.2 metres of space. This is to ensure enough room when the new beams and loft floor have been constructed. You’ll need a minimum of 2 metres of head height to create a living accommodation out of your small velux loft conversion. In some cases, the roof can be raised or the ceiling of the floor below can be lowered to increase the height of the loft, however this option is often more suited to the structure of older houses.
  • Is there enough floor space? The footprint of the loft needs to be big enough to be a functional living space after conversion. Typically, the area from wall to wall should measure at least 5.5 metres in width and around 7.5 metres in length from the front of the house to the back. 
  • Is the angle of your pitched roof steep enough? A steep, pitched roof is easy to convert and the steeper the pitch the more headroom can be created. As long as the pitch angle of the roof is more than 30 degrees, your loft should be easy to convert.
  • Are there any water tanks or chimneys in the way? Any obstacles like chimneys will reduce the amount of space in the loft conversion and will need to be included in the design or removed before construction.

Do you Need Planning Permission for a Roof Light?

Generally, planning permission isn’t required for installing rooflights as long as they don’t extend more than 150 millimetres from the existing roof. Building regulation approval will be required to make sure the rooflights meet energy efficiency, thermal insulation and fire safety requirements. Skilled loft conversion experts will be able to advise you about planning permission for roof light loft conversions, especially if your home is in a conservation area. If you live in a conservation area, conservation rooflights might be an option for you. Find out more about loft conversion planning permission here.


Rooflight Loft Conversions in The West Midlands

Alvaston Loft Conversions have been creating beautiful, bespoke lofts in the Midlands for more than 50 years. Our skilled team make the process simple by taking care of the planning permission applications, building regulations and all other aspects of planning a loft conversion.  If you think a rooflight loft conversion is the best option for you, contact us for more information or make an enquiry online to start the process of building the ideal loft conversion.


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