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Loft conversions remain a popular way to add valuable living space to your property without the hassle and expense of moving. But what if you could take it a step further and create a private outdoor haven in your new loft space? 


If you’ve ever wondered “Can I have a balcony on my loft conversion?”, the simple answer is yes, you can! Adding a loft balcony to your conversion can be a fantastic way to enhance your space, and the good news is that it can often be easy to achieve. However, whether you choose a dormer loft conversion with Juliet balcony or a simple Velux balcony, there are a few things to consider. From planning permission and building regulations to cost factors, there are some things to think about before planning your loft conversion with a balcony.


Benefits of a Loft Conversion Balcony

From waking up and enjoying the fresh air on your private balcony to having somewhere to watch the sunset in the evening, a loft conversion with a balcony adds a whole new dimension to your loft space. Some of the benefits include:

Increased Natural Light and Ventilation.

Adding a balcony allows more natural light to flood into your loft, making it feel brighter and more spacious. It also helps to increase the circulation of fresh air into the room

Enhanced Property Value

A loft conversion with a balcony can often have a higher resale value when compared to standard loft conversions.

Creates a Private Outdoor Space

You can enjoy the fresh open air without leaving your home. Whether you want a quiet space for yourself or additional space for entertaining, having a balcony on your loft conversion gives you another way to connect with the outside world, while maintaining a level of privacy.

can i build a loft conversion with a balcony

Loft Balcony Options

There are a few balcony options to consider when planning your loft conversion. Each type of loft balcony has its own advantages and considerations:


Juliet Balcony

This is the most compact style of loft conversion balcony and features a railing attached directly to the exterior wall of the conversion. These typically don’t require planning permission as they don’t create an external platform. While they don’t increase the outdoor space, they do allow more natural light and improve ventilation.

Velux Balcony

Also known as a skylight balcony, a Velux balcony is an innovative option that combines a roof window with a small, foldable balcony. This option is a fantastic space saver, despite offering a limited outdoor area and is a great way to bring a touch of the outdoors into your loft.

Loft Conversions with a True Balcony

This option features a functional outdoor platform extending from the wall of the loft extension. The solid platform is big enough to stand comfortably allowing you to place furniture and create a seating area. Since this type of balcony requires significant structural changes to create a load-bearing platform, planning permission is almost always required.


Do you Need Planning Permission for a Loft Balcony?

While adding a balcony to your loft conversion is exciting, there are some important points to consider. From planning permission and building regs to design options and budgets, there are a few factors to consider when planning a loft balcony.

Planning permission 

Depending on the size and design of your chosen balcony, you may need to seek loft conversion balcony planning permission from your local authority. It is crucial to research your local regulations and consult with a loft conversion specialist to determine if planning permission is required. 

Building regulations 

Even if planning permission isn’t necessary, your loft balcony must comply with building regulations. Building regulations for your loft conversion balcony will relate to things such as:

  • Structural integrity
  • Safety railings
  • Weight limitations
  • Fire escapes

Budgeting factors 

Adding a balcony will naturally increase the overall cost of your loft conversion. The materials used, the addition of structural reinforcements and the complexity of the design will affect the final price.

Loft Balcony Design 

The design of your balcony will depend on the available space, your budget and your vision for how the space will be used. You’ll need to consider the materials for the railings, the access point from your loft (like the style of the balcony door) and any features that may enhance your privacy.


Choose Loft Conversion Balcony Experts

If you’re considering a loft conversion with a balcony, you’ll need experts who can deliver your loft conversion in line with local planning permission and building regulations. With the expertise of qualified professional loft conversion specialists like Alvaston Loft Conversions, you can create a stunning space with the added luxury of a private balcony. For more information about creating a loft conversion balcony, contact our team today.

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