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These days, when it comes to loft conversions or home improvements in general, many of us are seeking the most cost-efficient methods of achieving the best results. When it comes to maximising the space in your home, we’ve established that it can be cheaper to have a loft conversion instead of a home extension. But what if you still need to stick to a budget? At Alvaston Loft Conversions, we know that when planning a loft conversion, there are a few things to consider if your goal is to get the most value for your investment.

What Is The Cheapest Way to Do a Loft Conversion?

If DIY is not your thing and you plan to get the help of a trusted loft conversion company, then these helpful tips will help you to better understand how you can achieve the ideal loft extension without breaking the bank. Here are 5 ways to convert a loft on a budget.

1. Consider The Type of Loft Conversion

There are a variety of different types of loft conversions and the one you choose can have an impact on not only the aesthetic of the house but also your budget. A Velux loft conversion is probably the most affordable type of loft extension. It usually has the least impact on the structure of the house as it often only requires the installation of Velux windows into the rafters and the reinforcement of the floor. Although a Velux loft conversion doesn’t add any additional space to your attic, it does turn the existing space into an attractive, liveable area.
If you prefer a loft extension that gives you added floor space and increased head height, then a dormer loft extension would be a better option for you. Converting a loft in this way might be preferable since dormer loft conversion costs are lower than the cost of mansard loft conversions.

2. Maximise Loft Lighting

Getting the most light out of your loft conversion isn’t all about the lighting set-up. It also doesn’t have to mean adding extra windows to loft conversion plans. You can enhance the loft lighting by considering the window placement. A window can be placed on the south-facing side of the house where possible so more light will enter the attic extension throughout the year. Thoughtful placement of mirrors inside the finished loft conversion can also create the illusion of more light.

3. Be Clever When Planning a Loft Conversion

A little thinking ahead can go a long way when it comes to converting a loft affordably. Making the most of existing features where possible can reduce costs greatly. If you’re thinking about having a loft conversion with ensuite, positioning the loft bathroom above your existing bathroom allows the pipes and fittings that are already present to be tapped into. This way extra costs for setting up new plumbing and drainage can be avoided.

4. Utilise Loft Conversion Storage

When you convert a loft, the extra space you gain can be maximised when you utilise the space in the eaves. Using low-level storage in the eaves can help reduce the cost of buying furniture storage solutions. If you need to purchase extra storage space, buying second-hand items or repurposing storage furniture can help to keep the budget focused on the loft conversion.

5. Avoid Cutting Corners

Saving money on your loft conversion should never mean cutting corners. The safety of your completed loft extension is paramount so be sure to hire professional, experienced and reliable tradesmen. Investing money into quality work means avoiding the pitfalls that come with poor construction later down line. Similarly, when it comes to electricity and plumbing, cutting corners in these areas can result in issues later on that can be costly to rectify. The windows you choose will make the difference between a warm and comfortable loft conversion or a cold and uninviting living space in the house. Good quality loft windows will actually help to make your loft conversion more energy-efficient as double glazed or triple glazed windows keep the heat from escaping out of your loft space.


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