Maximising Space: How Mansard Loft Conversions Add Value to Your Home.

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When it comes to expanding your living space and adding value to your home, a mansard loft conversion can be a game-changer. Thanks to the practical advantages of its unique design, a mansard conversion provides maximum space while enhancing the overall value of your property. Mansard loft conversions are the best option if you want to add more than just an additional room since this type of conversion allows you to add an entire floor! Let’s delve into how a mansard loft conversion can add value to your home.


What is a Mansard Loft Conversion? 

Mansard loft conversions take their name from the 17th-century French architect, Francois Mansart who popularised the mansard roof style. With a mansard loft conversion, the sloping roof structure is altered by partially or entirely removing the roof and replacing it with a near-vertical 72-degree wall. In the majority of mansard loft conversions, the final roof is flat and extends across the entire house, connecting to the gable walls on either side. This type of loft conversion can be built at the front or the back of the property and mansard loft conversions are usually built with dormer windows which further increases the headroom of the new living area. Since this type of loft conversion is built along the entire roof, you have the option to create multiple rooms allowing you a variety of room configurations. 


What are the Types of Mansard Loft Conversions?

There are a variety of mansard conversion options available to suit your property and the vision you have for your increased space. Each option could increase the value of your home. Mansard loft conversions are suitable for most types of property including detached houses, semi-detached houses, terraced houses and bungalows. Here are two of the most common styles of mansard loft conversions.


L-shaped Mansard Loft Conversion – Not suitable for all properties, this type of mansard conversion is usually subject to planning permission (much like all mansard conversions) and is ideal for properties like Victorian terrace houses as it complements the L-shaped layout. These houses often have bathrooms or kitchens at the rear of the property allowing the mansard to extend above them.


Double Mansard Loft Conversion – This is when a mansard conversion is built at the front and the rear of the property. If you’re looking to create as much additional space as you can, then a double mansard loft conversion is your best option. 


How Will a Mansard Loft Conversion Increase My Property’s Value?

In today’s competitive property market, having a functional and well-designed mansard roof conversion is an advantage that will make your property stand out and be more appealing to potential buyers. Although mansard loft conversion costs can be higher than less complex renovations, this type of conversion can yield a substantial return on investment in the future. Some of the ways a mansard loft conversion can increase the value of your home include:


Expanded living space 

One of the most significant benefits of building a mansard loft conversion is the amount of additional living space you can create. Rather than adding just one room, you can build a new level with multiple rooms in a layout that enhances the functionality of the home. Think extra bedrooms with an ensuite, a spacious office for an enviable home workspace, or even the ultimate home gym room, the options for how you utilise the space are endless.


Maximising Headroom

Although suitable for most types of property, a mansard loft conversion is ideal for houses with low head heights at the eaves. Typically, a mansard loft conversion offers more head height since the construction involves removing a side of the roof and raising the height of the party wall creating a 72-degree slope with increased space. When combined with dormer windows, the headspace is increased further making the newly created area feel even more spacious.


Architectural Aesthetics

Mansard loft conversions are renowned for their architectural appeal and elegant appearance. Since the mansard extension exterior walls can be made from materials to match the existing exterior of the house, the added rooms blend seamlessly into the rest of the house. This type of loft conversion is also more visually attractive as the conversion looks similar to a traditional roof and sits flush with the gable wall and doesn’t protrude like box-shaped dormer conversions. 


Do you Need Planning Permission for a Mansard Loft Conversion?

Before embarking on this type of project, it is essential to consider the necessary mansard loft conversion planning permission and building regulations. Converting a loft into a mansard loft will considerably change the look of your roof, so planning permission is required. This means the build will be subject to inspection from local authorities and if the conversion impacts your neighbours, a party wall agreement will be needed. Consulting with a professional loft conversion specialist can help you navigate the legal requirements and ensure that your conversion meets all the necessary standards. Understanding the regulations and obtaining the proper permits is crucial to avoid any delays or complications and ensure a smooth and successful conversion process.


Mansard Loft Conversion Experts

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