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A home’s loft space has long been used as a hive of Christmas activity… but not in the festive way you would imagine.

A homes loft space is generally utilised as a giant storage box for mementoes, out of season clothes and most excitingly, Christmas decorations. Parents also like to try and out-smart their children and use their loft to hide Christmas gifts, out of reach and sight from the sneaky eyes of excited children hoping to catch a pre-Christmas glimpse at their gifts.  

But what if we were to tell you that your loft CAN be the Christmas present?

Gift a loft conversion for Christmas means that come February you won’t be left with unopened gift sets, neglected toys or clothes that no longer fit by the end of the year. Attic conversions are giving a loved one the gift of space: Space to create, space to relax or even a space to sleep.  

A loft extension can be morphed into a room to suit any stretch of the imagination. A toy room or a beauty room, a bedroom or a bathroom, a relaxation room or a man cave, a home sanctuary is envisaged in all shapes and forms, unique for every imagination; but ALL achievable in a home loft conversion.

Here’s Why You NEED (okay, maybe want) a Christmas Loft Conversion!

Aside from an attic renovation being a fantastic gift to others, or the perfect indulgent Christmas treat for oneself, a home loft conversion presents a flood of benefits for everybody in the home.

Regardless of your loft conversion plans, space will be freed up in the rooms in your existing home, in addition to creating further space in your new loft nest. Whether it just means you will gain back the corner of your living room that is currently overflooding with toys, it still extra space gained for you to use for more beneficial living room purposes!

A loft conversion could prevent the need to move home if a new addition is on their way to join your family this Christmas (we don’t mean a food baby). Your newly formed loft room will add an extra bedroom to your home, or two depending on its size, meaning you can accommodate your growing family; and when you do come to finally come to sell your house, a loft extension can increase the home’s value by up to 20%.

There is a cascade of reasons why an attic conversion would be a significant advantage to your home, you just need to find the loft conversion company you can trust to bring this Christmas miracle to fruition.

Let Your Imagination Free. What Can Your Loft Room Be Turned Into?

After your very own Santa has carefully constructed and cultivated the shell of your new attic space, the internal loft conversion design can be shaped into whatever you want it to be (by Santa, we mean your chosen loft conversion company).

From walk-in wardrobes and office spaces, playrooms and art rooms, to gyms, libraries, home cinemas and beyond, an attic renovation is entirely subjective to your creativity, no matter how subdued or wacky that might be.

Whatever space the receiver of your gift has been longing for, Alvaston Loft Conversion can answer their prayers (and tick off their Christmas list) this festive season.

How Do You Gift an Attic Conversion?

There isn’t much graft that goes into gifting a loft extension, on your behalf at least. Should you choose to use our family-ran loft conversion company, Alvaston takes the reindeer reins from the start.

After you have given us the heads up, we will come and assess your property and provide an in-depth estimate for you to decide if you want to go ahead with what we believe is one of the best Christmas gifts of all time, surely.

If you say ‘yes!’ we hit the ground running and begin planning applications immediately, should they be needed for your property, talking you through party wall agreements, building regulations and then the labour begins.

There is no endless waiting around with Alvaston Loft Conversions, so you can have confidence your attic conversion will be ready in time to decorate your new loft room with the Christmas decorations that once laid on your dusty loft floor and chill out in a cosy food coma on Boxing Day and beyond.

Loft Conversion Cost… Is This The Most Lavish Present You’ve Ever Gifted?

Attic conversion costs vary from home to home. This isn’t to see how much money workers can get from each homeowner, far from that. Every home has a unique structure that requires a variety of different building techniques, materials and there are even different types of loft conversion that can be achieved.

Loft conversion quotes will fluctuate depending on the current condition and structural integrity of your existing home, the type of loft conversion that you are trying to achieve, the location of your home, the number of roof lights you require and even the location of your home can impact the loft extension costs.

But as we mentioned early, it’s worth noting that an attic conversion is one of the best returns on investment with regards to home renovations and decorations.

You don’t have to worry about being left in the dark with Alvaston. We will carry out a home survey and provide you with a no obligation, free loft conversion quote, assisted by a full and transparent breakdown of the costings so that you know exactly where your money is being spent.

Really, the only negative as giving the gift of a loft conversion for Christmas is… how will you top this year’s gift in the years to come?!

Gone are the days of coal and an orange in a sack. But remember, a loft extension is not just for Christmas… this is a gift for life! Call us on 01922 663 907 and get started now for your chance to have your loved ones personal nest ready in time for Christmas day.  


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